The Capitol: Grace, Karine, Macy, Malaki

1. Watch the BrainPOPjr clip on US Symbols. Take the quiz when you are finished!


2. To start, click on the following link to watch a short clip at The Capitol Building! This video clip does not have sound, but has many great pictures and captions! If you need to, feel free to pause the video in order to read the captions.

3. Visit the following site, take time to explore and learn more about The Capitol! Kids In the Hall

To start, click on the link called, What is Congress? Use what you have read to answer the questions.


4. Now it's time to learn more about the history of The Capitol!


5. Next, you will learn about laws. Read how laws are made. What is something that you think should be a law in your classroom? Your house? Write a blog post about something that you think should be a law. Make the title: LAWS. Click HERE to get to our classroom blog.


6. For the final step, work with your teammates to create a poster of The Capitol! As a team, you will write a paragraph about The Capitol to share with your classmates. Have fun!