The Smithsonian: Josh, Emme, James A., Sana, Kai

You are going to have the special opportunity to talk with Sarah Sulick. She works at the Smithsonian! What questions do you have for her?

1. Watch this clip to learn more about The Smithsonian Museums! List 5 things that you can find at these special museums when you are finished.

2. Explore The Smithsonian website for kids! Click on the picture to get there!


Click on the Patriotic picture. What did you learn about the American flag? Share this with a friend!

3. The National Zoo is a part of The Smithsonian. Choose one animal that you can find at the zoo and write a blog post about it! Both links are listed below.



4. Check out some of the new and old exhibits that have been at The Smithsonian! Explore their website!


5. Did you know that The Smithsonian was in a movie? Look at the preview here!

6. Work with your teammates to create a poster all about The Smithsonian. Also, you will need to work as a group to create a paragraph telling your friends everything that you have learned!