The Washington Monument: Brian, Mary Ann, Marcus, Madison

1. What is a monument? Watch this BrainPOPjr movie to find out! When you are finished, take the quiz!


2. Watch this short youtube clip to learn some cool facts about The Washington Monument!

3. Click on the picture below to read more about The Washington Monument! When you are finished, answer the questions.


4. Now, watch this BrainPOP clip to learn more about George Washington! When you are finished, complete the Easy Quiz!


5. Play the game! Can you put the events of George Washington's life in order?


6. Take this George Washington quiz to see how much you have learned! When you are finished, fill in your name and how many you got right!


7. For the final step, work with your teammates to create a poster of The Washington Monument! As a team, you will write a paragraph about The Washington Monument to share with your classmates. Have fun!